About Us


We are a relatively new team with an impressive history and an even more promising future. With seven cars completed, we have now have multiple years of experience from which to draw and a growing network of alumni helping us to advance and improve each car.



After completing last year’s season in June of 2016, we are already hard at work on our eighth car. Our team is composed of over thirty-five dedicated undergraduates with a shared passion for hands-on engineering. In the coming year, we will design, manufacture, and test every component of this coming year’s racecar, NFR17. We will then take our racecar to Brooklyn, Michigan and Lincoln, Nebraska in May 2016 to compete against teams from other top universities around the world.



As our seventh car NFR16 is the best placing car in our team’s history. This car was our first to complete the entirety of FSAE’s 22km endurance race. NFR16 is our first car to feature an Aero Package and smaller 10 in wheels.



Have something exciting to contribute? We are looking for members from all backgrounds. Although the majority of our members are McCormick students our team also needs business, marketing and outreach experience.  Working with us you will gain hands on, real world experience in Research, Design and Manufacturing. Email us to learn more!

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